Webster Presbyterian Church
...that all may come to know Jesus Christ, to love Him, to serve Him, and to enjoy Him forever.
Our website provider, Elexio, is upgrading the software platform that we use to manage the content on our website. Our old software is called Intellisite and the new software is called Amp Vibe. The new software has many advantages but requires us to change the layout of our home page.  To migrate our current site to Amp Vibe we must choose a standard template or canvas that we will use to insert our own images, calendars, and information. The templates can all be created in a variety of fonts and colors.

The Technology Committee has chosen three different canvases that we like from the many offered by Elexio. They are called Classica, Scuffed, and City Lights Premier. We would like your feedback on which of these canvases you prefer and why. I have attached links to three churches (Elexio Customers) that have created home pages using these templates. Please review the links below and send your comments and feedback via e-mail to tech@websterpres.org. Please tell us your opinions and share any questions, suggestions or concerns. Thanks for your time and thoughts!

Classica Example http://crossbend.org/

City Lights Example http://www.newhopeonline.com/